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MP RTO Registration 2023: Vehicle Owner Search, Transport Login, Enquiry & Charges Details

Check out MP RTO Registration 2023, Vehicle Owner Search, Transport Login, Enquiry, Charges, & Renewal Fees details in this article. In India, your new vehicle must be registered with Madhya Pradesh RTO.

The MP registration of vehicles are compulsory as per the 1988 Motor Vehicle Act rules also a non-registered vehicle are not allowed to drive in our country. If anyone drive it then the vehicle should permanently be seized. The same applies Registering a car is a legal duty otherwise, you will face the consequences.

By MP RTO Vehicle Registration Online, the citizens of Madhya Pradesh will no longer have to travel to government offices and places for their work. Now all citizens can get their mp registration, driving license, vehicle owner address, information about anyone etc from the comfort of their homes.

Through this article, get all the details about MP vehicle registration 2023, inquiry, search of vehicle owners, application for driving license, information mp through online process.

MP Panchayat Darpan Portal

MP RTO Registration 2023

Madhya Pradesh RTO stands for the Regional Office for Transport. Regional Transport Office is a state-owned organization responsible for tracking all Indian road vehicles. Each vehicle should be registered in the nearby MP RTO for this purpose in India.

A MPrto vehicle registration card shall be issued to each vehicle registered. Aside from registering a vehicle or registering in Vahan, RTO’s are responsible for issuing driving licenses, inspect insurance for vehicles, and maintain a list of vehicle pollution.

The Government of Madhya Pradesh has decided to make the whole RTO registration process online also MP driving license application, enquiry, vehicle owner search & . As the whole world is digitizing day by day, why will the vehicle’s RTO registration lag? This year you can get your car registered through your mobile just from one website

The MP government has decided to make you free from brokers and middlemen. False people will divert you and will ask for more money for registration. Most people get involved with the wrong people to get their registration for their vehicle. The mp rto vehicle registration online procedure helps to make those problems stop. It helps in reducing both losses of time and money.

Seekho Kamao Yojana MP 2023 Registration

MP RTO Registration, Enquiry, Vehicle Owner Search, Driving Licence Application Highlights

mp rto registration portal
About ArticleMP RTO Registration 2023
StateMadhya Pradesh
DepartmentTransport Office, MP
Services ModeMP Transport Vehicle Registration Search Online
Portal NameSarathi Parivahan Portal
Official ,

MP RTO Vahan Registration Portal

Are you getting tense on how to get the registration number of your new vehicle? It is a lot of hustling to get your vehicle registered. You have to hustle around the road transport offices to get a chance to give your automobile a registration. No need to take any stress anymore.

The Government of Madhya Pradesh has changed the full procedure of registration into an online portal. MP RTO Registration Services are now available online. You can easily make registration of your vehicle with several correct taps on your mobile.

How to register your vehicle in the MP RTO Portal?

  • First of all open the link of madhya pradesh.
  • It link will redirect you to the home page of the MP RTO Portal.
Madhya Pradesh Transport Department
  • Click on the tab, namely “Online Services“. After clicking, you will see a list dropdown.
  • Now, click on the option, namely “Online Permit Application and Objection System“.
  • You have to select your “type of vehicle” from that page that pops up.
Online Permit Application and Objection System
  • After selecting the correct option. The menu will drop down again.
  • Click on the tab, namely, ‘Application for a new permit’.
  • You have to fill in all the details that are asked there for your car registration and submit them.

Advantages of MP RTO Registration Website

You will not be required to run here and there to find the Road Transport Office anymore. You can do most of your vehicle registration-related work on this website.

The list of the advantages that you will get is: –

  • License of your vehicle
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Registration fee submission
  • Renewal of your registration certificate
  • Tax submission for registration
  • Transfer of registration certificates
  • Owner details information

Procedure At MP RTO Transport Registration 2023

You shall make an application to the Registering Authority with form 20 within seven days of the day the vehicle is delivered, excluding the journey duration, and accompanied by the registration application, excluding the journey duration, and accompanied by the registration application.

Documents Required

● Form 21 sales certificate.

● Certificate of roadworthiness from producers in Form 22 (Form 22A from the bodybuilder)

● Certificate of Valid Insurance.

● Address evidence (Ration Card, Electricity Bill..)

● Copy of STA design approval for Trailer or Semi-Trailer case.

● In the case of ex-Army vehicles, the original sales certificate of the relevant Authorities in Form 21.

● Certificate of Pollution Under Control.

● For imported vehicles, customs clearance certificate is required.

Documents required to apply for Certificate of MP Vehicle Registration 2023

● Duly completed Form 20 [This form should include a chassis, no imprint, and engine number].

● The automobile dealer issued Form 21 (sale certificate).

● Form 22, provided by the manufacturer (Road Worthiness Certificate).

● Certified document/cover note of the valid insurance for vehicles.

● Certified copy of the car registration address evidence.

● Duly signed Form 34 from owner and funders.

MP RTO Vehicle Assignment Process 2023

The Registering Authority will assign a registration number on receipt of an application. The registration number is allocated and marked during the assignment of the registration mark following with Rule 80 – assignment of a mark of choice for registration.

The registration authority shall issue a registration number from the registration marks, designated for selection through an open auction, to the owner of a motor vehicle of their choosing.

The registration mark is issued on payment of the requisite money on the auction of the highest successful bidder at auction. Where the owner of an automobile, having a number of any of the previous series indicated in the sixth schedule, wishes to maintain that number for the car’s new vehicle, then he has to pay half of the sum stipulated for that number shall be charged.

Provided that, without charging any additional cost, the registration authority may also allocate to the state government-owned motor vehicles unused defined registration marks.

CM Kisan Kalyan Yojana Beneficiary Status 2023-24

Physical Presence Of Vehicle

You have to produce the vehicle before the inspection authority for both private and commercial vehicles. The authority of the inspection will inspect and provide a vehicle registration clearance certificate.

● As applicable, once road tax.

● A registration fee is prescribed.

● Form 60 & 61 or PAN Card (as appropriate).

● The invoice of the dealer or the manufacturer.

Validation Of Registration MP

The given registration certificate is valid in India. For non-transport vehicles [Private automobiles], the Registration Certificate is granted throughout 15 years.

The registration certificate for vehicles is initially valid for two years, and the fitness certificate must be obtained every year from the Registration Authority by the vehicle owner. The vehicle license obtained shall be valid for three years.

Learner Driving Licence apply online

If you have a car but don’t have driving license then you should apply online for learning driving licence as soon as possible. The online process to fill application form is very simple by using sarathi parivahan sewa portal. The step by step guide to registration for learning driving licence is given below.

How To Apply for Driving Licence Online

Required Documents For Learner Driving Licence

  • Mool Niwas Praman Patra
  • Birth Certificate
  • Address Proof (Ration Card, Voter ID, Aadhar Card, Electricity Bill, Water Bill, Pan Card photo copy of any of the available doc)
  • Mobile Number
  • Passport Size Photo

How To Search MP RTO Vehicle Owner Information Online?

MP transport registration search: You observe a vehicle driven rashly on the road or hit against someone but run away from the scene to avoid legal consequences. Although you can notify your registration number, you do not have fast access to additional car or driver details.

Finally, you get to your Regional Transport Office, pass through massive documents and bureaucratic processes, after that can find the details you are looking for.

What if we told another approach by registration number of how to get information about vehicle owner? That’s correct. With VAHAN, you can locate it.

How To Use MP RTO Vahan Portal To Access Vehicle Details?

To find the registration information online, visit the official VAHAN website and continue with the step-by-step method mentioned below:

● Click on the menu bar for “Know Your Vehicle Details at”

● On the next page, provide your vehicle’s registration number, input the verification code, click on the “Search Vehicle” button.

● You’re finished! Now, you can find all the related information about your motor vehicle on your RTO.

In compliance with the particular requirements of all Indian States and Union Territories, VAHAN is meant to gather and produce vehicle information.

The details of the motor vehicles Act are also in conjunction. On inputting your car registration number, you can access the following information about the VAHAN website:

● Date of inscription

● Number of chassis (not mentioned in full)

● Number of motors (not mentioned in full)

● Name of the owner

● Class of vehicle

● Type of fuel

● Details about model and producer

● Fitness time of the vehicle

● Controlled PUC or Pollution Number of certificate

● Vehicle engine (MV) Validity of tax

● Automobile insurance details

● Vehicle emission regulations (Bharat Stage emission norms)

● Status Status of the financial name Registration certificate

MP Transport Login 2023

  • Go to this link: –
  • Click on this link to reach the home page of MP RTO login.
  • Enter your MP RTO user name in the given space and then enter your account’s password.
  • You need to have already an account to log in to this portal. If not, build your account and then log in.

How to Transfer your MP RTO Registration 2023

You need to submit a duplicate of form 29 and an original copy of form-30 transferring the certificate of MP RTO registration 2023.

You have to provide documents of rent or lease if it is a duplicate registration. Deposit your RC transfer fee for transferring your registration.

MP RTO Registration Charges (Registration fees of vehicles and other road works)

Registration Charges600 for cars
Number Plate ChargesFor Normal number 200-400
Parking Fee (under 4 lakh)2000 for MCD parking
Parking Fee ( Above 4 lakh)4000 for MCD parking
Temporary Registration ChargesUp to one month 1200-1500
Road Tax ChargesPetrol/CNG – 8%, Electric – 4%, Diesel – 10% (under Rs. 10.0 Lakh)
Petrol – 10%, Electric – 4%, Diesel – 12% (above Rs. 10.0 Lakh but under Rs. 20.0 Lakh)
Petrol – 14%, Electric – 4%, Diesel – 16% (above Rs. 20.0 Lakh)
FasTag ChargesRs. 600
data source: mp rto official website

MP RTO Registration Renew (RC Renewal)

Every vehicle owner has a tension of renewing the registration of your vehicle. The renewal date is always written on your registration card. It is a rule that you have to make a renewal of your vehicle registration certificate every year. Here is your information about every step that you have to follow: –

  1. Go to the official website of MP RTO by clicking this link: –
  2. This link will redirect you to the RTO home page of Madhya Pradesh.
  3. Enter your MP RTO Username and enter the password of your account. You will get yourself logged into your MP RTO Account.
  4. Now, search for the option for renewal of registration. You will now get the RC renew link. Click on it.
  5. Documents you will need to submit are: –
  6. Registration Certificate with original information.
  7. A valid attested copy of a vehicle insurance certificate.
  8. Valid pollution control certificate.
  9. An address proof certificate.
  10. Documents of owner of the vehicle, etc.
  11. Submit your registration renewal fees and click on the submit option.

You will get your new Registration Certificate and make a copy of your receipt.

MP RTO Vehicle Owner Searching App

MP RTO Vehicle Owner Searching App

MP RTO Vehicle owner app is the new pathway of digitizing the vehicle registration process. If you enter the registration number of your vehicle, then you can know about all details of the owner also. By entering the vehicle number and the mobile number in this app, you can easily know about all the details on it.

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In this Era of digitizing, the government of Madhya Pradesh has decided to make the mp motor vehicle registration procedure, vehicle owner search, transport login, enquiry & charges details online too. It will reduce your tension for your vehicles in just a moment.

Then, why will you hustle around road transport offices? Grab your device with internet access and get your vehicle registered now.

If you have any question regarding MP RTO Registration Transport Login 2023 then comment us. We will help you with the answer. Stay in touch with us for regular updates.


How can I check the status of my vehicle registration in MP RTO for 2023?

You can check your vehicle registration status in MP RTO by visiting the official website, entering your vehicle’s registration number, and following the instructions provided on the portal.

What documents are required for the registration of a new vehicle in Madhya Pradesh in 2023?

To register a new vehicle in MP in 2023, you’ll typically need proof of identity, proof of address, sale certificate, Form 20 (application for registration), and the manufacturer’s invoice. Exact requirements may vary by vehicle type.

How do I apply for a duplicate RC (Registration Certificate) in MP RTO?

To apply for a duplicate RC in MP RTO, you need to submit an application along with an FIR (in case of loss/theft) and other required documents. Pay the prescribed fee and follow the process outlined on the official website.

What is the process for transferring vehicle ownership in MP RTO in 2023?

Vehicle ownership transfer in MP RTO involves submitting Form 29 and Form 30 (in case of inter-state transfer), along with the existing RC, insurance, and other required documents. Pay the applicable transfer fee.

How can I renew my vehicle’s registration online in Madhya Pradesh for 2023?

You can renew your vehicle’s registration online by visiting the MP RTO portal, filling out the renewal form, paying the renewal fee, and following the online renewal process.

What are the fees for getting a fitness certificate for my commercial vehicle in 2023?

The fees for obtaining a fitness certificate for commercial vehicles in MP in 2023 vary depending on the vehicle type and size. Check the official MP RTO website for the current fee schedule.

Is it possible to change the address on my vehicle’s RC online in MP RTO?

Yes, you can usually change the address on your vehicle’s RC online in MP RTO by submitting the necessary documents and fees through the online portal.

What are the penalties for late vehicle registration renewal in Madhya Pradesh in 2023?

Penalties for late vehicle registration renewal in MP may vary, but typically, there’s a late fee for each month of delay. Refer to the official MP RTO website for specific penalty details.

Can I pay the road tax for my vehicle online in MP RTO?

Yes, you can pay road tax for your vehicle online through the MP RTO portal. Ensure you have the required documents and vehicle details for the tax calculation.

How do I obtain a NOC (No Objection Certificate) for my vehicle in 2023?

To obtain an NOC for your vehicle in MP RTO, you’ll need to apply with relevant documents, clear any pending dues, and follow the NOC application process provided on the official website.

What is the procedure for registering a temporary permit for my vehicle in Madhya Pradesh?

The procedure for registering a temporary permit for your vehicle in MP involves submitting an application, providing the necessary documents, and paying the permit fee. Temporary permits are typically issued for specific purposes and durations.

How long does it take to get a permanent registration number for a new vehicle in MP RTO for 2023?

The time it takes to get a permanent registration number for a new vehicle in MP RTO can vary but typically takes a few weeks. You can check the status online to track the progress of your registration.

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