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Solution of Breaking the Chain of Covid 19

Covid 19, or Novel Coronavirus, which started in Wuhan, China, on 19th December 2019, is a respiratory disease that affects the lungs and causes pneumonia in some cases. It is a severe disease as it is an air-borne disease because of its severity. WHO announced Covid 19 as a global pandemic on 11th March 2020. Any incautious contact with the infected person has a very significant chance to attack another person and spread the disease. It is a highly contagious disease with a mortality rate of 2 to 3 percent.


Solution to Break the Chain of Pandemic

In India, there was the first wave of Covid 19 in September 2020, with 90,0000 cases per day at its peak. Many countries were significantly affected due to this pandemic. As of April 2021, this virus mutated and is increasing at a tremendous pace. Governments are facing issues in containing this virus that resulted in the second wave of Covid 19. It is a big no-no as it will thrash the economy, and it would not be easy to start things all over again. The education of students has to go for a toss. Many exams are canceled, but there are few upcoming exams you can prepare for, like Bihar Police SI Apply Online. The experts advised and suggested by their thorough studies about the current situation. Let’s find out what those solutions are.

Solutions to Break the Chain:

Making sure people follow Covid 19 Norms

Wearing a mask, Using a Sanitizer, or washing hands after touching a foreign object, and maintaining a Social Distance of 6ft are some of the norms that apply in this pandemic. People don’t follow these new norms that resulted in an increased number of corona cases. There are some places where social distancing does not hold up, such as Railway Stations, Local Trains, Markets, Supermarkets, Malls, etc. We need to take care of this, like avoid going to public places without any reason. Avoid meeting people and staying safe at home can help break the chain.

Total Lockdown

Total Lockdown is a last resort option of the government to contain and stop the spread of the virus. It will make the situation more complicated as everything comes to a halt. The offices, traveling, meeting, functions will be banned again if the nation sees a significant hike in the number of positive cases. Therefore, it is beneficial for you as well as for the government not to impose Lockdown. Police officers have done an outstanding job of maintaining norms in order. If you wish to be the one, you must check out Bihar Police SI Vacancy. Therefore, this period is reasonable to study and prepare and appear for it but make sure you stay at home.

Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is a process where people are identified based on their contact with an infectious person and then test them for the same. Contact Tracing with sturdy testing, quarantine, and care of cases is a crucial strategy for breaking chains of transmission of Covid 19 and reducing the mortality rate. Individuals who have been in contact with this case are identified and instructed to quarantine themselves to avoid any further transmission of the virus. Therefore, it is essential to trace the people who have contacted the individual who tested positive. If you know someone and have met them a couple of days before the date, the individual has been tested positive, make sure you quarantine yourself and get tested.


Vaccination is the best and only way to make sure waves of this virus don’t come back to haunt us. There are many different types of vaccines for Covid 19; some are Covaxin, Oxford, Sputnik V Vaccine. These vaccines are highly preventive in the increase of coronavirus cases. Therefore, get yourself vaccinated as soon as possible. Also, make sure that you wear a mask even after getting vaccinated. Don’t hesitate to have a shot of these vaccines as they are safe and have no adverse effect on the body.

Let’s fight this Coronavirus and make our world safe for our childrens.

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