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Mid Day Meal Scheme 2022 : Objectives, Features, Meals Details Available Here

Mid Day Meal Scheme 2022, Meal Menu, [When this scheme started, objectives, features and benefits] – The National Programme of Nutritional Support to Primary Education (NP-NSPE) initially started the Mid Day Meal Scheme in India on the 15th of August 1995. However, in October 2007, this was titled the National Programme of Mid Day Meal in Schools. Under this scheme, the concept was to offer one meal to all kids who enrolled in government schools in India.

Mid Day Meal Scheme
Mid Day Meal Scheme

About Mid Day Meal Scheme 2022

The meals are offered to the students who are studying between standard 1 to 8 under any of the local body schools, special training centers (STC), mastabas, government-aided schools, or even in the supported madrasas under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. All the children between the age group of 6 to 14 years and attending any of the schools above will be privileged to get the cooked meals. 

Objectives Of Mid Day Meal Scheme

A recent survey found out that the malnutrition of micronutrients has been prevalent among kids in India. Thus, the Mid Day meal concept caters to approximately 120 million school children in the country. MDM scheme is an initiative taken by the government of India, which has come up with these few objectives that are listed right below:

  • The idea is to raise the number of enrollment in different schools. It ensures that more and more families belonging to the underprivileged sections of society are sending their kids to study. 
  • To retain the number of kids between the standards of 1 to 8, which happens to be a very primary age of their learning. 
  • It is meant to raise the attendance of the students in different government as well as government-aided schools, which otherwise tend to see only a few kids turning up to school regularly. 
  • It is intended to offer nutritional offers to the kids who have been studying in the elementary stage. 
  • To offer nutritional assistance to the kids who are studying at an elementary stage. It is a fundamental question in areas that lie in the drought-affected regions. 
  • To address the troubles of malnutrition and hunger in several underprivileged regions of society. 
  • To improve the socialization among different castes. 

Features Of Mid Day Meal Scheme

The features of the Mid Day meal scheme are as follows:

  • Every school needs to ensure availing a hygienic infrastructure to cook the meals. 
  • The headmaster or the headmistress is responsible for using the school’s funds for mid-day meal funds. Once the meal is exhausted, it would get reimbursed and credited from the government to the school’s account. 
  • A couple first tastes the cooked meals of adult members from the school’s management committee. 
  • Quality products with AGMARK are used to prepare the mid-day meals in the schools. 
  • Samples are being collected by the Food and Drugs Administration Department of the State to cross-check the meals’ quality and nutritional value. 
  • The State Steering-cum Monitoring Committee (SSMC) will ensure implementing the suitable scheme, thereby looking at the entire mechanism to look at the nutritional standards and quality of the foods being served. 
  • In case there is any unforeseen reason for not being able to cook the meals, the food allowance is offered to the kids at schools in the following aspects: 
  • Cooking cost according to the respective state. 
  • Offered with the number of food grains as entitled to that particular child. 

Meals Offered Under The Mid-Day Meal Scheme

  • Food Grains: 100 gms for class I-V; 150 gms for class VI-VIII
  • Pulses: 20 gms for class I-V; 30 gms for class VI-VIII
  • Vegetables (leafy also): 50 gms for class I-V; 75 gms for class VI-VIII
  • Oil & fat: 5 gms for class I-V; 7.5 gms for class VI-VIII
  • Salt & condiments: As needed

Calories Intake As prescribed

Energy: 450 calories as Primary, and 700 calories as Upper Primary

Protein: 12 grams as Primary, and 20 grams as Upper Primary

What is the basic concept of the Mid Day Meal scheme?

The concept of the Mid Day Meal scheme is to offer freshly cooked meals to all the children in all the government and government aided schools. 

What is the eligibility of Mid Day Meal scheme?

The Mid Day Meal scheme is offered to all the kids who have been studying in various Primary and Upper Primary Classes in the Government schools.

Is MDM scheme successful in its implementation?

The Mid Day Meal scheme has achieved a success score of 77.79% on the entire Pan India basis. Karnataka has thus, stopped over all the states regarding the implementation of this program. 

Is the MDM scheme decentralized?

The complementary strategies like the deworming or fortifying of the meals offered via the MDM scheme are meant to increase the nutritional value of the overall program. This is particularly meant to improve the overall impact of the program as directed by the Supreme Court. The primary intent of this direction is to provide hot and cooked meals in the MDM via a decentralized model. 

What are the disadvantages of Mid Deal Meal Scheme?

Just like the benefits, there are a few demerits as well that come with this MDM scheme. They include:

  • Corruption is indeed very high in the scheme. 
  • There are several areas where this scheme doesn’t even work correctly. 
  • Poor quality food for kids. 
  • Many people even tend to make profits just by selling those goods that are otherwise offered to the schools by the government. 

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